Welcome! Friends and enemies alike, to the official Civil D website...




 And wouldn’t ya know, it’s back up and running just in time for doomsday! Before either the seemingly impending destruction of everything in the world as we know it, or the utterly necessary people’s uprising that is hopefully bound to take place, occur, please come and feast your ears upon our complete catalog of official studio releases. All the digitally mastered Mp3s are available, for free, on our Downloads  page. All lyrics for said releases can be viewed in their entirety on the Lyrics  page. Lyrics in PDF format are available for free via email, upon request.


I encourage everyone who doesn’t have them, to download them, post haste. Especially if you’ve been listening to all those same low quality Napster era rips that have been floating around in cyberspace for almost two decades. While the In a Few Hours of Madness… EP is our best known and most widely distributed album, we also have two full length albums available in digital format: Political Prisoners (originally released on cassette, 1992 — digital album released on HFT Records, 2012); and Invention Extinction  (originally released on Profane Existence / Skuld Records on vinyl LP, 1997 — House of Misery studios remix, with bonus tracks, digital album released on HFT Records, 2012).


 Looking for a slab of Civil D wax to help satisfy your auditory urges and feed the appetites of your noise hungry turntable? Or perhaps one of those old fashioned compact disk thingies, packed with a grip of thrashing tunes, that even comes flush with a 20 page booklet insert and features all new original artwork? My friends, you needn’t look any further than our Record Store page.  


Interested in rocking some of that official Civil D gear? While the web is laden with usually extremely overpriced and questionable quality bootlegs, you can get high quality goods at an affordable and fair price, directly from us and our friend Nick at Night Animal Records. We’ve designs both old and new. Look no further than our Civil D Gear page. 


For all you hardcore vinyl enthusiasts, we have a very limited number of first pressing copies (1,000 pressed on black vinyl, 1994) of the In a Few Hours of Madness… EP available and up for sale. Our bass player Dan, aka “Forbisquis,” had a small box of them that had been stored in his parents’ attic for over 20 years. All are in mint condition and even in the original plastic sleeves. Also available on our Record Store page.


For those who don’t already know, Civil Disobedience was active from 1989 until 1998, when we disbanded. Civil D actually began, in Saginaw, Michigan, as two separate bands. Those two bands eventually merged into one band by the late summer of 1990, and became Civil Disobedience.


This site was put together for a variety of reasons. Firstly, to act as a sort of a base of operations, as it were, to deal with all things band related. One that isn’t completely reliant on third party corporate social media platforms. While those platforms definitely have their uses, they are, in the final assessment, largely controlled by the wrong people for the wrong reasons. Opaque and heavily manipulated algorithms, legions of censorious bots, mass surveillance and bulk data harvesting at the behest of intelligence agencies, private security companies, law enforcement, advertisers and giant corporate conglomerates, are just a few in a long list of serious concerns and criticisms.


Secondly, to act as historical archive of sorts. Not only for everyone who was there, but for all those weren’t too. To help preserve our history and experiences for posterity. Which is essential, especially until we can afford to get the large catalog of VHS tapes, cassettes, photos, some unreleased material – both live and studio, and so on, all converted to digital format. This is something that’s not only important for us, but for so many underground bands that existed prior to, or during the early days of the internet and more affordable digital recording devices.


Our Photo Gallery page has a collection of over 250 pictures gathered from a variety of sources. This includes pictures taken by former editor of Slug and Lettuce magazine and professional photographer Chris Boarts Larson. As well as from fans, friends, family and band members. The Flyer and Media Archive features a collection of flyers, news and magazine clippings and miscellaneous artwork. More material will be added to each as it becomes available. If you have photos, flyers, or any other relevant materials that you would like to donate to our archive, please contact us at the email address listed below at the bottom of the page. We're happy to give full credit for any materials donated and we'd love to see what you've got! 


For those interested in reading about some of our many adventures traversing the twisted cultural, societal and political landscape of the late 20th and early 21st century, and the thriving underworld of music, subculture and counter-culture that lay beneath it, check out Beneath The Planet Of The Fakes. New installments to be added when time allows. A video version is also in the works.


If you were ever confused about who played what and when, you’re not alone. After skimming through the long list of names on the Wu-Tang Clan Wikipedia page, I think it’s possible that they may be the only other band out there that has more aliases, pseudonyms and monikers than we do.


We created different personas, aliases, pseudonyms and alter egos, for each release. Primarily, just to have some fun with it and exhibit our fucked up sense of humor. But also to keep the focus on the music, the ideas, the artwork. And not on fashion, personalities, personal taste or appearance. The long of short it being, we took what we were doing seriously, but we didn’t take ourselves too seriously. Despite all that you may, or may not, have heard, the core members of the band (4 out of 5 of the original members) were active in the band all most entirely from start to finish.  For those interested in knowing more about who actually did what in Civil D, check out our Band Members page and our Bio page.


For everyone who was taken the time stop by and visit the site, we hope you enjoy what we have assembled here. It’s taken years to gather it and put it all together properly. For those who have, and continue to, show us so much love and support, much love to you all! This is especially for you.


Cheers! — JB aka M. F. Delicious 


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